About Red Letter Day

by Julie Featherman, founder & CEO, Red Letter Day

Since the late 90s, I've been learning about the history and healing power of botanicals. After working in the holistic beauty industry for decades and on literally thousands of clients, I know that when it comes to skin and hair care, plants can do it better than chemicals and be better for you.

The mission of Red Letter Day is to provide you with pure, nutrient-rich, plant-based hair care products with unparalleled performance. No navigating labels, no mysterious contents, no greenwashing. Each and every ingredient in Red Letter Day products is clean, non-toxic, and fully plant-powered. Unlike so many other personal care products that claim to be clean, Red Letter Day is genuinely cruelty-free, non-toxic, natural, organic, wild-harvested and/or biodynamically grown. Each formula is made without PEGs, SLSs, Phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and petroleum derived ingredients.

Beyond the products, Red Letter Day is an organic hair, skin and lifestyle line that is about far more than what’s in the bottle—It’s about the bottle itself. We chose the most sustainable packaging possible: bottles, labels, shipping containers, even the inks used on the packaging. In addition, all Red Letter Day products are sustainably packaged in recycled aluminum or glass, and all pumps and dispensers, along with our bottle for foaming mousse, are made from recycled PET plastic.

Our small batches are proudly made on the east coast in the USA.


About Julie

Julie Featherman, creator of Red Letter Day Lifestyle products

I have been immersed in green, sustainable beauty since 1999, when I first attended an Aveda-partnered cosmetology school. Six years later, I launched Philadelphia’s first wholly organic hair salon, juju salon & organics, to create a space that was safe for not only our clients, but for my entire team.

Making my own products was born of necessity after noticing distinct and significant gaps in offerings from other product lines. Our clients had specific needs that just couldn’t be met with what was on the market, green or otherwise. So, I decided to close those gaps with solutions through my own creations.

“Your skin absorbs 64% of what you put on it. Choose wisely.”