Eucalyptus Leaf Oil

While koalas use it as food and kookaburra birds use it as furniture, we typically us eucalyptus to build things and formulate natural remedies.

It's great way to freshen the house while cleaning and no other oil is better to make one feel good. The anti-fungal components in eucalyptus oil combat the yeast-like fungus malassezia, the most common cause of dandruff. Distilled from the leaves, it contains a natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, coupled with its natural cooling sensation, making it ideal for bug bites, insect repellent, and reduce scalp inflammation to create an optimal environment for hair growth. High in antioxidants and macrocarpal A, the extract boosts skin ceramide production, water-holding capacity, and skin barrier protection, improving shine, thickness, and overall hair health. EWG's Skin Deep provides a score of 1-2 for this ingredient.